I support baby boomers and generation X’ers to create excellent work and build successful careers.   

I am a career strategist and employment specialist – And I love what I do!  I work with baby boomers and generation X’ers, providing professional career guidance, coaching and clear direction.  I partner with people like you and I to design enriching careers that fully express and realize our purpose, passion and potential.



✔Career Balance – Determine the necessary factors and steps required to  have work-life harmony.  Implement what is needed to manage multiple demands and priorities productively, generating  more energy, serenity, balance and joy in your life at work and at home ~ Success by your definition.

✔Career Transition – ​Increase your success and speed up your change or transition by standing out from the competition.    Effectively plan, design and  achieve a successful career change, re-entry or re-invention by creating a clear, effective and practical strategy that works.    ​

✔ Career Management –Ensure your long-term employability and continued career growth by proactively managing your career.  Be the CEO of your life and guarantee your ability to do the work you love ~ Work that expresses your purpose, passion and potential.


Are you ready to get to work?