Professional Development Coach


Lysa Appleton

 I absolutely love what I do!

Each day I support people in  doing the work they love and loving the work they do! Whether creating a business, career changing, career re-imagining or enhancing the work they do, I help people to realize and express their purpose, potential and to prosper.   As a certified coach, I champion clients to answer their ”calling” and manifest their gifts and talents to make a difference in the world.  More about my work…

I also work with businesses and organizations to foster excellent teams and sustainable, happy workplaces by supporting all individuals to develop their own leadership.   Whether the goal is to grow talent, enhance commitment and productivity or to weather a company transition, my workshops are effective, fun and results oriented.  More about my workshops…

I coach people in doing their work with energy, vitality and harmony; to create lives that are rich both personally and professionally.  I bring my background in nutrition and stress management to my coaching and support my clients in living happy, healthy and harmonious lives.  It’s all about working as your best self ~ with peace of mind, vibrancy, enthusiasm and success ~ personal service without self-sacrifice.

My clients want work that is meaningful, impactful and valuable.  They are executives, professionals and small business owners.  They are also adventurers, change-makers, creators,  healers, artists, visionaries, out-of-the-ox thinkers and social entrepreneurs.  They are willing to explore off the beaten path to uncover their passion, realize their purpose,  reach their potential and generate prosperity.  They are innovative and fearless, willing to take leaps of faith to re-define how they work and make positive contributions that facilitate positive change.   More about who I work with….

My approach is warm, inviting and compassionate yet strategic and effective. I prefer a coaching style that feels like “having a coffee with a good friend”.  However, I am a no-nonsense, practical and down to earth coach who is targeted, innovative and efficient in ensuring my clients reach their goals and realize their dreams.  More about my style…

On a fun note:

I am a late bloomer.  I am also an adventurer and an explorer; a non-conformist and social activist.  My career path has looked a lot like a tangled slinky, including positions as coffee roaster, bartender, community developer, social justice trainer, ESL teacher, researcher, workshop developer and complementary health practitioner.  Furthermore, I am a dedicated traveler, voracious reader, avid cyclist and self-proclaimed chocoholic. Meet me….