Lysa-AppletonI support people to create work they love ~ to uncover their purpose, ignite their passion and reach their potential 


My passion is helping people to know their talents, gifts and interests and to support fully expressing them.   My goal is to assist the people I work with to be fulfilled, successful and happy ~ to live enriched lives.

My mission is also to support organizations to generate successful, sustainable and profitable work places through nurturing leadership and talent.


Ways I support individual clients are:

  • Start, redesign or accelerate their career paths by aligning their desires and capabilities with a kick-butt strategy.
  • Find work that they love, or find ways to love the work they do in an authentic, engaging and meaningful way.
  • Support people in professional and executive roles determine if they should ”stay, grow or go”, and then help them get to where they want to be.
  • Re-imagine careers in middle-life and professionally re-invent themselves ~ Design their legacy career.
  • Break through the glass ceiling and create a career path that leads to success, fulfillment and financial gain.
  • Manage a career transition and land a new position.
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Ways I support employees / organizations include:

Fostering employee talent and growing leadership to increase performance, optimize potential, enhance productivity and grow profit.   

Employees who are confident, happy and motivated drive the success of the organization. When you are proactive in offering individuals and teams powerful coaching that creates leadership support, effective career mapping, enhanced communication and deeper dedication, you generate positive work spaces and put your organization on the cutting edge of innovation and success. More about my work….


Time to create work that makes a positive and impactful difference in your life, your organization and in the world.  No glass ceilings here!


Let’s get started!