I support people to love their work ~ to uncover their purpose, ignite their passion and express their potential 

Lysa-AppletonMy passion is helping people to know their professional calling and successfully answer it.

As a career and inspired living coach, I support people to:

  • Discover who they are meant to be and the work they were born to do.
  • Love the work they do by adding new meaning and value to an old role.
  • Do the work they love by either transitioning between jobs and roles, or completely changing their career path.
  • Realize their dream to start their own business by laying the foundation stones for success.
  • Develop their legacy career.
  • Unearth meaningful and impactful ways for people in full or semi-retirement to continue contributing.

As your coach, I will champion you to answer your ”calling” and to actualize your gifts and talents to make a positive and impactful difference in the world.  More about my work…

Let’s get started!